Kurette Shower Filter

The Kurette Shower Filter is designed to soften hard water by blocking chlorine, bacteria, and other heavy metals and minerals. This reduces an irritated scalp and skin conditions that cause dry, dull lifeless hair. Hair will appear healthier, and skin will appear brighter.

Kurette – The Best Shower Head Filter


Is your hair color fading? Are you looking for the best shower filter for blonde hair or dark hair? Or maybe it doesn’t look fresh when you’ve recently had it done? If you are using water that is full of impurities, it will make your glossy color dull and lifeless after every wash.

Are you suffering from sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin conditions? Constant scalp issues like flaking and irritation? Kurette will give your skin freshwater that will allow it to breathe.

The Kurette Shower Filter has a sleek design and is very easy to apply. For best results lower the water pressure to allow the filtration process to absorb as many chemicals and impurities as possible.


Healthy Hair

For coloured and highlighted hair that wants to be bright. Kurette will stop discoloration keeping bonde brighter and dark hair shinier and colour tone protected. The Kurette Shower Filter is custom build to promote healthy hair.

Softer Skin

With constant hard water abuse our skin becomes dry, dull and flaky. Pores become clogged with bacteria resulting in dehydration and aging of the skin.

Reduces Chlorine

Chlorine absorption can result in conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and skin sensitivity. Using pure water will leave your scalp cleansed and moisturized and hydrated.

Healthier Water

Once the heavy metals are removed from your water you will be able to wash your hair with ease, your hair will be cleansed properly which will allow your hair care products to work efficiently.

Kurette Shower Filter 

The best shower filter for blonde hair, brunette and dark hair

Help to maintain a your colour and prevent premature hair loss by blocking magnesium and calcium from constantly attacking the hair shaft. Chemicals like chlorine break down the chemicals in hair, with constant contact hair will become dry, brittle, dull and unmanageable. To prevent this you will need to use the highest grade shower filter, Kurette.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Eliminates Heavy Metals and Chlorine

Remove the bacteria

Sleek design and Easy to install

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

We have really hard water resulting in variety of issues such as; dry and itchy skin. The hard water stains inside the shower itself make cleaning it an ongoing battle. This shower filer was easy to install and took care of all my issues. I would highly recommend!

Lisa Roche

Top quality, simple to install, and my hair and skin feel healthy and soft. I’ll buy one for each shower in my house. I’m so glad I decided on this filter over all the others I researched. Fantastic product, i just wish i had bought it sooner!

Mairead Hanlon

I LOVE this water filter! It has been an absolute game changer for me. My skin and blonde hair are no longer dry. My hair has shine and bounce and my colour lasts much longer. It has a healthy shine and stays cleaner for longer. This is definetely the best shower filter for blonde hair.

Mary Cummins

Top Rated Shower filter for Blonde, Brunettes, and Dark Hair

Shower filters provide you with the best way to protect your hair and skin against the harmful effects of toxic chemicals like chlorine in your water. Unfiltered water is made up of chemical impurities along with their related health risks, such as chlorine as well as damaging consequences to your body.

Chlorine gets rid of moisture from the body and is also a major cause of dry skin, irritation, in addition to fragile and damaged hair. Furthermore, it leads to physical fatigue and damages the body’s auto-immune function. However, these are just a few of chlorine’s short-term effects, it has its way of getting into the body via the respiratory system and skin pores. This results in the chemical doing more damage in the long term. Continuous exposure to chlorinated water might subsequently lead to skin disorders, respiratory illness, as well as other serious health problems.

The Kurette shower filter is carefully built to successfully target chlorine along with other impurities in your water. This is done using KDF, Calcium Sulfite, and Active Carbon, which are proven to get results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Advanced Technology

You need to purify the water you use to protect your hair from damage. Kurette filters out the nasty chemicals that cause hair to become brittle and unmanageable.

Custom made for Hair and Skin

For blondes that want to be bright, Kurette will stop discoloration keeping that blonde tone protected. The Kurette Shower Filter is custom build to promote healthy hair.

Custom made to be the best shower filter for blonde, brunettes, and dark hair 

How you wash your hair and the products you use can go a long way toward maintaining smooth, shiny blonde hair. To maintain your hair colour whether you have blonde, brunette, or dark hair this is the best shower filter available.